Fried Codfish Loins by PascoalFried Codfish Loins by Pascoal


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Oven (200ºC): Preheat the oven for 10 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap from the package and heat for 45 minutes. Do not heat to temperatures above 200ºC. Do not use the oven grill.

INGREDIENTS: Desalted codfish (cod, water and salt), wheat flour and refined sunflower oil.


Logistic Data

Storage Conditions | Labeling | Others

Storage and transport: Store and transport at a temperature ≤-18ºC

Shelf life: 18 months

Wrapping and packaging:

Primary packaging: Aluminum cuvette with cardboard lid and sealed with shrink film.

Secondary packaging: Master carton with label.

Place of Sale: Stores for sale to the public equipped with conservation frozen.

Recommendations: Once the defrost process has started, do not freeze again. Due to a manual extraction process, exceptionally there may be some spine.

Labeling: Product name; List of ingredients; Net quantity; Date of minimum durability, Recommendations; Lot Identification; Temperature conservation; Name and address of Distributor / producer; Brand of identification; Nutritional information; Health mark; Symbol of recycling.