Codfish Catering Portion 200-400 | 400-550 by PascoalCodfish Catering Portion 200-400 | 400-550 by Pascoal


Species: CODFISH (Gadus morhua) Ingredients: Codfish (Gadus morhua) water and salt. Catch zone: Northeast Atlantic - Norwegian Sea, Spitzberg, Bear Island, Barents Sea. Fishing gear: Trawlers, gill nets and similar nets, fishing nets, fencing nets and netting. Preparation: Cook the product frozen. If you prefer thaw the product in the microwave or refrigerator 12 hours before use. In this case, cook the product as soon as it is thawed.


Logistic Data

Storage Conditions | Labeling | Others

Storage and transport: Store and transport temperature ≤-18ºC

Expiration date:18 months


Primary package: multiple type of packaging

Secondary packaging:micro-corrugated cardboard box with identification tag.

Place of Sale: Retail shops equipped with means of conservation of frozen.

Recommendations: Do not refreeze after thawing. The product must be cooked before consuming.

Labeling: Name of the product, species, catch area and fishing gear; Ingredients and net weight drained; Date of minimum durability and batch identification; Storage temperature, recommendations, method of use and nutritional declaration; Veterinary control number, name, address of producer and bar code.